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5 Things You Need To Know, Today, on Monday 12th February 2018


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5 Things You Need To Know, Today, on Monday 12th February 2018


5. Amazon is reportedly embarking on further expansion of its shipping services with a programme to pick up from companies that sell on its site.

Investors dumped shares of existing shipping companies FedEx and UPS in response to the news.

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4. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 remained in correction territory on Friday despite closing higher after another bumpy ride.

Both have fallen 10% from the record highs hit on 26 January, indicating a “correction”.

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3. The UK government has set out plans to end the use of diesel-only trains on Britain’s railways by 2040.

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2. Labour’s proposal to bring services such as water, energy and rail into public ownership would be “cost free”, Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell has said.

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1. According to Visa, whose debit and credit cards are used for a third of payments in Britain, shoppers spent less last month, than the year before, causing spending in January to fall for the first time, since 2013.

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February 12, 2018