Ten Baggers

Everyday on the podcast I read out a listener’s suggestion for a ten bagger.

Penny Stocks

A ten bagger is the holy grail of the stock market. It is a company whose share price has the potential to increase 10 fold. Why is it the holy grail?

Because you can turn £1000 into £1,000,000 by finding and investing in 3 ten baggers.

Here’s the maths:

£1000 x 10 = £10,000

£10,000 x 10 = £100,000

£100,000 x 10 = £1,000,000.

It’s a big ask to find a ten bagger but it’s not impossible.

Of all the companies that have been listen on AIM (Alternative Investment Market) roughly 10% of them have managed to achieve a high, that was ten times greater than their all time low.

Even if, by luck and skill, you manage to find a ten bagger, it’s not that easy to realise this ten fold increase in price. You may sell on a dip, when the shares are just about to hit its all time low, or sell too early, just before the share really starts to take off.

Any how, if you think you know of such a stock please fill in THIS FORM, it’s only 5 questions, and I could be featuring your ten bagger on the podcast tomorrow.

By the way here’s the performance of all, the previously suggested, ten baggers as of 27th August 2015.

10 bagger 270815 1
10 bagger 270815 2

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